My favourite work.

The Parkinson Building in LeedsToday’s post features what is probably my favorite piece of work I’ve ever done. It features the Parkinson Building in Leeds which houses one of the University’s libraries. I’ve always received great compliments about about it and have even sold and given away a few. It was at a time where I was really experimenting with implementing more traditional media, such as paint, into my work and this style has stayed with me ever since. When I’m not feeling particularly creative, looking at this picture gives me a great sense of confidence.

It is created using a digital line drawing from a photo on a graphics tablet within Illustrator. The first layer of color is created digitally in Photoshop. I then painted hundreds of samples of paint, scanned them in, and placed them to each individual brick with some opacity over the first layer of color. Then I took away the lines I had drawn in the beginning, which completely changed the overall effect.

It is exactly the same style I will be using for the exhibition I am currently working on. The only difference being that this time, the drawings will be created by hand, not on a graphics tablet. I’m exited to see the effects. Below is another illustration based around buildings in Leeds.

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